If you are reading this it is because singing is, in some way or other, a big part of your life.


In spite of what's commonly believed, the vast majority of people don't have to be taught how to sing.  If you listen to a great singer sing, or watch them perform, they make it sound and look easy.  The reason for this is simple.  It is easy. What's difficult is discovering how to make it easy, to make it feel and sound natural while creating something that is exceptional and entertaining.


Most people sing, but usually when no one else can hear them.  For example, they might sing in the car or in the shower when they are home alone.  Almost everyone shows up being able to sing to some degree.  What they don't know is is how to sing well enough to get over being nervous about it and, ultimately, the difference between good and great.


Studying voice, and performance excellence, is a wonderful experience and it is both a personal journey and personally very rewarding. It doesn't matter if you are intent on a career as a professional entertainer or just wishing to sing for your own enjoyment.  The journey is the same.  The objective is always to explore and then to recreate excellence; to always surpass oneself.


The words of Jascha Heifetz, widely regarded as one of the greatest performing artists of all time, are very illuminating in this regard:


     “Always in my playing I strive to surpass myself, and it is this constant struggle that makes music fascinating to me.  There is no top. There are always further heights to reach.”


Songkraft is a program designed for people with a love of music and who have an authentic desire to sing and to grow through the rich experiences gained from creating vocal music.  It is also a program that presents singing in a very unique way; it's like learning another language.


This website, and the companion Songkraft blog, have been created to help those people begin their voice and performance discovery processes.  Rich with information, these resources can help you decide if joining the Songkraft studio is the right choice for you.


Please feel free to send an email, share your stories, ask questions or make an appointment.  You also might choose to monitor some classes, sit in on a workshop or view a performance.   That's where all the action will be and it's certainly a great way to experience the differences that distinguish Songkraft.


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