Historically, the common belief has been that you've either got it or you don't.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  While it is true that some people begin voice studies with greater musical aptitude, those people are not always the strong finishers.  Everyone can sing and, provided they work at it, everyone can learn to sing with excellence.  There is one simple rule; if a concept, idea or objective does not make common sense then it is not valid.


There are innumerable voice types and music styles and they are all valid.  No single one is greater than any other.  While we all believe our choice is best they are actually just different.  However, with so much depending on individual differences as a distinguishing part of valid creative experiences, those differences must thrive.  Therefore teaching/learning processes must respect creative individualism above all.


There are a great many schools of thought, on the right way to learn to sing, and far too many of them are jargon filled and ineffective with respect to illuminating excellence.  Songkraft, on the other hand, is all about keeping things simple.  All concepts avoid jargon and are expressed simply and in common language that is accessible to everyone; everyone has to be able to understand.


Songkraft processes explore the voice by using a model that teaches people to sing like it is a different language.  This has one very profound advantage.  It gives people a point of reference from which to begin to learn.  That point of reference is speech and that new language has been called © "Singese."


Speech is a complex skill that most people, through practice, have learned exceptionally well.  Using speech as a benchmark, and determining what's different when singing, gives the singer a very valued reference point for understanding how to sing.  For example, you have to maintain a body drone sound, on pitch of course, to create a melody.  That's something that we don't typically do when talking.  That is, of course, unless you are very intoxicated.  If you try talking with a drone you will see that it actually sounds pretty silly.


Songkraft methodology is revolutionary because it's a jargon-killing approach that makes creating wonderfully profound sounds easily accessible to anyone and everyone.  It also opens to experienced vocalists a world of innovative and refreshing common-sense tools.


There is so very much research, available today on the Internet, that it should not be surprising to anyone to learn how profoundly the study of music and voice can affect one's wellbeing and quality of life.  Learning to sing, and to perform with excellence, provides participants with a broad range of physical, emotional and intellectual benefits.  Perhaps the greatest among them is that it raises one's level of self-respect by teaching how not to awfulize.


There are two foundational parts to the study of voice.  How to sing, and who should be singing.  The first is the how-to study of the art of singing, or the craft.  The second is about learning who you need to be to bring excellence to the task each and every time you are invited to sing.


Songkraft contributes at the level of each participant. For beginners, it offers sturdy foundations upon which to begin to build one's craft.  Intermediate learners discover the practical road to a profound understanding of excellence and gain experience by using the tools, which must be used, to achieve the standard for excellence.  Advanced singers and performers, looking to polish or maintain their craft, are provided with a profound dialogue through which to clarify and affirm their foundations and to do career-defining finishing work.


Paradigms are the set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitute the way reality is viewed.  In the absence of positive choice alternatives paradigms tend not to shift and the result is usually little or no growth.


Songkraft will help you to shift your paradigms toward understanding and achieving natural voice and performance excellence.  It's a highly successful program comprised of practical knowledge and simple processes that you can use to both understand and improve your voice and performance skills.



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