ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  J. T. (Tim) Mallandaine


Tim Mallandaine, was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  He started singing in a choir when he was very young and took his first few voice lessons in his mid teens.  In his early twenties, he lost interest in choirs and singing but took what he called a long shot and auditioned for the Banff School of Fine Arts summer program.  A few summers at Banff was enough to convince him to go forward with music studies and he auditioned for, and was accepted to, the Bachelor of Music program at the University of Alberta.


Completing his degree, Tim undertook advanced studies in Music, at the post-graduate level, at the Northwest German Music Academy (Nordwest Deutsche Musik Akademie) in Detmold, West Germany.  He was accepted to the studio of world-renowned voice instructor Theo Lindenbaum.


In the second year of his studies in German, Tim' mother's health deteriorated and he return to Canada to be with family.  For the same reason he chose to decline an offer to attend studies at the Banff Centre on a full year-round scholarship.


Tim has taught in various college and private settings in Canada and abroad, for 35 years.  When he returned to Canada, he began his teaching career by taking what became a ten-year position at the Alberta College Conservatory of Music.  During his tenure at the college, he also explored a wide variety of other interests including studying radio, television and Internet technologies at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).  He further expanded his understanding of communications and business practices through a wide variety of continuing education courses.


Tim is a problem solver and a contributor.  He has owned and operated a recording studio and a graphics and animation company.  Over the years, the latter evolved into a communication services company focused on building corporate, organizational and government presentations.  His portfolio included creative and business presentations for major Canadian corporations, not-for-profit organizations and all three levels of Government (local, provincial and federal).


Tim has designed a campaign that shifted control of $8B in pension funds, produced national and international events and has lost count of the number of community fundraising campaigns and production events he has supported.  As PowerPoint and the Internet overtook the world of business communication, Tim chose to move toward independent consulting and producing.


Tim's father was an aviation pioneer who flew the Canadian North and was noted for flying the last recorded combat mission of the European theatre of war in World War II.  This memorable flight, made in a P51-D Mustang fighter aircraft, was immortalized in a painting by world famous artist Richard Thistle.  The painting was presented to the Governor of the Jersey Channel Islands on the fiftieth anniversary of the flight.


Tim, moved by stories of his father’s life, created a mixed-media production entitled “Y2-B:  Edmonton Special.”  "Edmonton Special" was the name his father, Arthur John Mallandaine, gave to his WW II fighter plane.  The work featured a multi-screen extravaganza of images and animation with live music and narration.  It was produced with the IT and media production support of Tim's son Chase.


Tim narrated and his daughter Sarah performed war-time musical selections such as "Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs of Dover."  Created as a A Remembrance Day act of remembrance event, "Edmonton Special" was initially presented in the Capital Theatre at Fort Edmonton Park.  It has since been presented at a variety of other locations for subsequent Remembrance Day memorials.


Tim has rewritten the story of the Edmonton Special as a two part article which appeared in 2017 issues of the Alberta Aviation Museum's quarterly magazine.  Currently, a dot com is under development to continue the work of ensuring the stories are captured for posterity's sake.


"Edmonton Special" is just one of many projects in Tim's active portfolio.  Laying the foundation for his career meant considering a long family tradition of building for the future.  In his own words, he is always "engaged in the search for his immortal work."  This he has discovered in the love of his children and life partner, an appreciation of our natural world, the art of song and in the work he does with his ever-evolving teaching practice.


Over the years he has produced several hundred events in support of developing artists.  He maintains a state-of-the art studio and is actively engaged in producing events, recordings and videos that showcase his students.  His students have formed a collective to support Tim's efforts to provide them with performance opportunities.  A YouTube channel goes live in the fall of 2018.


In the words of one of his students:  "If you are looking for a coach, there are many very good reasons why you should want this man to help you."


Tim's programs are accessible to everyone and uniquely effective for all.  Testimonials clearly illuminate his profound teaching skill.  Seeing Tim's students in performance also speaks volumes.  There are amateurs and professionals among them and they are all in pursuit of the same thing; excellence.  It shows.


Tim is a consummate professional who is highly regarded for his vocal methodology.  His success is based on the fact that he, himself, demonstrates the ability to do the things he teaches.  He runs an independent studio, apart from post-secondary institutions, as he favours a performance-art-development model which is centered on the student's growth and not the class timetable of the program.


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