Instructor:  J. T. (Tim) Mallandaine


Mailing Address:


     Box 9 Station Main

     Edmonton, AB

     T5J 2G9




     780 399 2828







Our teaching studio and arts space is located in the beautiful Robertson-Wesley United Church historical Building.  While there is no formal connection between the studio and the church, we are grateful for  the opportunity to create this arts space within this beautiful structure.


The studio has a private entrance accessed from the East (alley) side of the building.  You are free to park in the lot to the North of the building complex or in the alley just outside the Songkraft door.


Locate the stairs down to the studio.  They are on the East side of the building and are the only set of stairs going down and below ground.  There is a "Songkraft" sign on the door.  The studio entrance is just inside that door.  The door handle has been known to stick from time to time.  If you find you can not get in, please call or text the number shown above.


Above:  East side looking north.  The studio is toward the far end of this side of the building and the parking lot is on the north end behind the building from this vantage point.


Right:  The door leading into the building and to the studio, which is just inside this door.


*While the entrance appears a bit dungeon-like, the space inside is wonderful.  We are grateful to Robertson-Wesly for creating this arts-friendly space and an opportunity for our students' music to thrive.