"One of my greatest blessings is having the distinguished pleasure of working with my students.


                                                                                                        Tim Mallandaine



Over the years, through correspondence and workshop surveys, hundreds of positive testimonials have been collected.  A few of them have been published below.





"Tim knows his art form inside and out and is always looking for the perfect teachable moment.  Anyone who had the opportunity to study with him will, without a doubt, come away changed with a new perspective on creativity and expression, voice performance and excellence."


"Working with Tim is like watching him fine tune a great instrument with exquisite care and the utmost patience; more amazing when I realized that the instrument he was tuning was me!   Learning to express myself with a clear and strong voice has helped me, tremendously, in my everyday life; it has completely changed my life!  I strongly believe Tim is a Master in his field and that he would be a rare find in any creative community!"


"Thank you for helping me to find my voice, my strength and my confidence."


"I have learned how to sing.  “Wow!”  What a gift to discover and to continue to explore."


"Thank you for discovering me, for believing in me and for seeing my “tiger.”  My star is born!"


"It is my turn to give to you by telling you just what you have done for my life.   You have taught me a great deal, far more than I thought I could learn from any one person.  But, most importantly, you have taught me how to learn for myself.  That is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me."


"You have taught me to enjoy my voice and singing, to feel beautiful and to be a more amazing person ... by choice.  These are things that money truly can’t buy, and you have generously shown these to me.  Thank you for always believing in me and for making a difference in my life."


"You are an exceptional teacher and human being.  A true motivator, your students are always inspired by your passion and love of music."


"Tim is patient, uber competent and has a wonderful sense of humor, too. He demonstrates great passion for music and he is always enthusiastic and creative in his teachings.  The learning experience is immeasurably valuable and, over the years, he has been at all times supportive as he has a great rapport with students regardless of their age, experience or differing backgrounds. He treats each individual respectfully and spends time to develop a close understanding of each of his student’s creative needs.  Tim's thoughtfulness and perspective on the 'creative journey' has not only improved my music but it also has had an extremely positive and lasting influence on my life as a whole."


"I initially walked into Tim's studio with the absolute belief that I could NOT sing and that I was tone deaf.  I had quite a bit of fear that goes along with those beliefs.  Tim immediately began working on my belief system and we began the most amazing journey.  It was an awakening through which I experienced many paradigm shifts and was also able to find my true voice."


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